Hội thảo Về Sữa của Liên minh châu Âu tại Việt Nam

Statue of Ho Chi Minh in downtown Saigon, Vietnam.

Bord Bia đã tổ chức Hội thảo Thương amij vào ngày 18 tháng 9 tại Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh và thu hút hơn 70 người tham gia là B2B. Hội thảo này đã cung cấp cái nhìn sâu sắc về xu hướng hiện nay của sản phẩm từ sữa của Ireland và tình hình […]

「ヨーロピアン乳製品fromアイルランド」セミナーin Japan

Tokyo cityscape

アイルランド政府食糧庁(Bord Bia) は、東京でセミナーを開催し、EUアイルランド産産乳製品の日本におけるプロモーションを成功へ導きました。 このセミナーには、乳製品業界の主要関係者様(輸入業者、加工業者、製造業者、小売業者)にご参加いただき、我々としましては日本が持続可能で高品質な乳製品への関心が高いことを確信しました。 日本におけるEUアイルランド産乳製品の輸出量の成長について、そして世界の乳製品消費のトップトレンドについて、またこれらのトレンドが日本の視点からどのように解釈されているかについての洞察や、日本におけるグラスフェッド製品、とりわけ持続可能な方法で調達された食品への関心の高まりなどを中心に議論を交わしました。 最後に、EUアイルランド産チーズを紹介する特別メニューを楽しみながら、参加者同士の非常に活発な交流が行われました。

EU Dairy Seminar Japan

Tokyo cityscape

Bord Bia hosted a seminar in Tokyo to conclude a successful year of promoting European Dairy from Ireland in Japan. The event attracted key players in the dairy industry (importers, processors, manufacturers, retailers) emphasizing Japan’s continued interest in sustainable, high-quality dairy products. Discussions centered on the growth of European dairy exports from Ireland in Japan, […]

EU Dairy Seminar Philippines

Manila cityscape under blue sky, Philippines

As part of the Ministerial Trade Mission, Bord Bia hosted a Trade Seminar welcoming over 90 trade buyers from the Philippines. This seminar delved into the current landscape of the Irish and global dairy markets, dissecting the consumer trends impacting the industry. Plus, we provided crucial messaging regarding Irish dairy ingredients. 

EU Dairy Seminar Malaysia

Capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur at night

To coincide with the Ministerial Trade Mission, Bord Bia hosted a Trade Seminar welcoming 70 customers in Malaysia. During this seminar, valuable insights into the present state of the Irish and global dairy markets had been shared, shedding light on consumer trends that are shaping the industry. Additionally, it delivered essential messaging concerning Irish dairy […]

EU Dairy Seminar Thailand

Bangkok Thailand Skyline

Coinciding with the FI Asia trade show, Bord Bia hosted a Trade Seminar targeting 40 customers. Presentations covered the ever-changing Irish and global dairy market scenario and its connection to consumer trends. Additionally, important messaging related to Irish dairy ingredients had been discussed. 

EU Dairy FI Asia Bangkok

Bangkok Thailand Skyline

The FI Asia trade show is one of the most important industry events for dairy customers in SE Asia. At the trade show, Bord Bia had an information stand to introduce and create awareness of EU Dairy from Ireland, emphasizing its exceptional quality, and highlighting its adherence to EU standards and regulations. The information stands […]

EU Dairy Seminar Vietnam

Statue of Ho Chi Minh in downtown Saigon, Vietnam.

Bord Bia hosted a Trade Seminar in Ho Chi Minh city, targeting over 40 customers. This seminar provided insight into the current Irish and global dairy market situation and consumer trends which are affecting the sector, alongside key messaging on Irish dairy ingredients.