Why Grass Fed Dairy is Better?

Health Benefits

Grass fed dairy has higher levels of beneficial nutrients compared to indoor-based dairy, supporting healthy lifestyles. 

Improved Environmental Sustainability

European grass fed dairy from Ireland has one of the lowest greenhouse gas footprints, per kilo of milk produced, in the world.

Improved Animal Welfare

Dairy cows can lead more ‘natural’ lives out on pasture.


Consumers Will Pay a Premium for Grass Fed Dairy 

Half of consumers globally said that grass fed would influence their choice of dairy, and over 60% of consumers in key markets claim that they would pay more for grass fed products.

What is the Objective of the Grass Fed Standard?

The Bord Bia Grass Fed Standard for the Irish dairy industry is the world’s first independently verified grass fed certification. It provides reassurance that dairy products carrying this standard have been produced using milk from grass fed cows on the island of Ireland. This creates the opportunity for international customers to promote their dairy products as certified grass fed, an increasingly important driver of consumer preference.

Dairy products certified to carry the Bord Bia Grass Fed Standard are produced using milk from herds that:

Are members of the independently verified Bord Bia Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme.

Enjoy a diet that consists on average of 95% grass.

Spend an average of 240 days of the year out on pasture.