Built on the tradition of family farming

Ireland, working with nature

Welcome to the official site of the “European Dairy – Ireland working with Nature” campaign.

This site is intended as an introduction to dairy from Europe, and how sustainable, grass-fed ingredients can provide dairy solutions for your business needs. Please explore the site and get in touch to find out more.

Jim O’Toole, Bord Bia CEO

About Bord Bia

Bord Bia – Irish Food Board is an Irish government agency. Its purpose is to bring Ireland’s outstanding food, drink and horticulture to the world. Bord Bia connects customers with cutting-edge dairy ingredients providers from Ireland and is a not-for-profit agency

European Dairy
Ireland, working with Nature

The EU is the largest dairy milk producing region in the world and is renowned for its portfolio of diverse, nutritionally dense and sustainable produce. The EU implements the most stringent safety standards in regards to dairy production, safeguarding its global reputation as a source of high quality dairy.

In 2021, the EU produced approximately 145 million metric tonnes of dairy products. Ireland, an EU member state located on the edge of Western Europe, processed 8.8 billion litres of milk in 2021 and exported dairy produce to approximately 150 markets all over the world.

European dairy farming exemplifies the very best that the industry has to offer with the highest global standards in food safety, traceability, animal welfare and sustainability.

Ireland’s dairy industry is built on the tradition of family farming. There are approximately 17,000 multigenerational family-owned dairy farms on the island. The average size of an Irish dairy farm is 32.4 hectares or 0.32 square kilometres with the average herd size being 83 cows. The average footprint of Irish farms is 0.91kg CO2 equivalent /kg FPCM (fat and protein corrected milk).

Why Grass Fed Dairy is Better?

Grass fed dairy has higher levels of beneficial nutrients...

Origin Green

Launched in 2012, Origin Green is a national sustainability...

Quality Assurance

The EU food law has strict laws in relation to quality assurance...

Ireland exports over 1.5m tonnes

of dairy products per annum

Ireland is renowned across the globe for the production of high quality, sustainable, nutritious and highly functional dairy ingredients.

Health Benefits

Grass fed dairy has higher levels of beneficial nutrients compared to indoor-based dairy, supporting healthy lifestyles.

Improved Environmental Sustainability

European grass fed dairy from Ireland has one of the lowest greenhouse gas footprints, per kilo of milk produced, in the world.

Improved Animal Welfare

Dairy cows can lead more ‘natural’ lives out on pasture.