Dairy Processing In Ireland

Dairy Processing In Ireland

In 2022, Ireland exported over €6.8 billion worth of dairy products—solidifying its position as the largest food and drink export category. Renowned for its commitment to producing high-quality dairy products and ingredients, Ireland’s dairy exports reach more than 145 markets worldwide.

Despite a population of approximately five million people, Ireland’s dairy production surpasses domestic consumption, a feat attributed to the influence of seasonal grass growth. The focus of Irish dairy production centres on delivering high quality butter, cheese, and powder products.

The Bord Bia Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme boasts membership from over 16,000 Irish dairy farms, constituting 99% of the country’s production. With a total of 1.6 million dairy cows in 2022, the average Irish herd size stands at 103 cows, each yielding around 5,600 litres of milk annually. In 2022, Ireland produced 8.819 billion litres of milk and maintains its reputation for producing exceptional grass-fed butter and further solidifying its global reputation.

Ireland exported 261,651 metric tons of cheese in 2021, particularly excelling in the production of cheddar cheese. The industry is actively enhancing its cheese-making capabilities, venturing into varieties such as mozzarella and continental cheeses.

Ireland has earned a strong reputation for its production of dairy powders, encompassing fat-filled, skim milk, casein, whole milk, and buttermilk powders, along with premium specialized nutrition products. The country’s high-quality milk pool and dairy ingredients have attracted multinational nutritional companies, which choose to establish their presence in Ireland due to the rigorous standards and regulations met by the sector.