Functional, and naturally tasty

Our Dairy Processors are leaders in their field


European dairy from Ireland is technically advanced, highly functional, naturally tasty and lends itself to a myriad of applications and solutions. Our dairy processors are leaders in their field and highly dexterous in the production of dairy products, informed by their global customer and consumer requirements. Our dairy processors are proficient in the manufacture of dairy butters, cheeses, powders, flavours and other dairy extractions and solutions.

The applications range from but are not restricted to; table use, retail-shelf ready, food service, manufacturing, and ingredient-based applications as well as life stage, Pharmaceutical and Neutraceutical type applications.

Leaders in their field and highly dexterous in the production of dairy products

Dairy from Ireland encompasses a wide range of specifications and applications with functionality at the core of production, new product development and innovation.

Our dairy processors and exporters deliver dairy solutions suitable for all channels from manufacturing to retail and foodservice as well as bespoke solutions for super high care channels such as pharmaceutical, infant and adult nutrition and food for special medical purposes.


Some of the key products and their characteristics and applications

Product Type

Key Applications

Key Characteristics

Salted Sweet Cream

Unsalted Sweet Cream

Unsalted Lactic

Multi Channel:
Ingredient, Foodservice, Retail

Whey Butter


Product Type

Key Applications

White and Beta Carotene (Red Cheddar)

Red Leicester


Cagliata/Pasta Filata

Irish Emmental

Monterey Jack


European cheese producers from Ireland range from Artisan to those boasting some of the largest production lines in Europe.

Cheese is made to a variety of specifications and grades.

Specifications can be highly tailored and functional for example to give desired mouth feel, texture, stretch, browning point etc.

EU/Irish Cheese Graders are world renowned for their expertise and choose specific cheeses to match a customers desired applications.

As one our Europe’s leading exporters, Ireland has significant expertise in Cheddar production and boasts some of the most technically advanced, innovative and largest production lines in Europe.

Grade, specification, texture, body, flavour and functionality are critical aspects to both producing cheese and considerations for buyers.

European Mozzarella and Cagliata from Ireland is produced with function, flavour and format in mind.

Other European style hard and semi-hard cheeses are produced (Emmental/Edam and Gouda style).

European cheese from Ireland is one of the most versatile products on offer and can be made to suit all applications across Ingredient, Foodservice and Consumer channels.





Dairy Powders

Product Type

Key Applications

Key Characteristics

Whole Milk Powder (WMP) / Full Cream Milk Powder (FCMP)

Skim Milk Powder (SMP)